Could you add a "time" value for events (and for reminders) in a calendar?  I think this is a 'must have' feature.  Also, the ability to add, see, update and remove reminders would be appreciated.

Take a look at, the calendar concept is really well designed (priority, completion, etc).  If you could do something similar for PB, it would be really nice.



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Time is useful addition.
And recurring events "must have" feature too!

An additional feature would be to list the parent thoughts associated with the thought that has the calendar event.

In the short term, I would be happy just to be able to sort the calendar by priority. It seems like a simple and basic function to implement.
Calendar is unusable without ability to set date AND time.  Currently, reminders are only available if I calendar a new event 24 hours in advance.  What if I wish to calendar an event two hours from now, at a specific time - and I need a reminder so I don't forget after numerous other distractions?  No such luck with such a crippled calendar...

Add another vote for adding time to the calendar. As is, it is almost worthless without the having a place to specifiy the time of the event.

Hello, i recently stumbled upon PersonalBrain and it knocked my socks off.

Maybe you are interested in what kind of Program i was looking for.
I have a TabletPC
I used ADOBE ACROBAT to work with my PDF's and organize them.
I used Mozilla Thunderbird and SunBird as Calender and for Emails/Contacts
I used File Structure on my HardDrive to organize my university stuff.
It was hard to keep it consistent and to not overlook ambiguous issues.

No i was looking for a program that would improve the way i organize myself.

After one week of research, it came down to 4 different software solutions.
1. Agilix GoBinder
2. EverNote
3. OneNote
4. PersonalBrain

EverNote and OneNote have interesting features, but they are not potent enough
to solve all of my problems. So only 2 solutions left.
- PersonalBrain VS. GoBinder
GoBinder is a specialized Software for my problem, but i feel like PersonalBrain could be better than GoBinder and in advance could also be useful in other areas of my life. But there is really one thing that holds me back.
It's not possible to put my schedule for lessons into PersonalBrain.
If i doubleclick the calender, it maximizes, thats good. BUT I SERIOUSLY NEED A CALENDAR which is more useful. So i could drop many other programs

So, maybe that were many words and in the end its nothing more than to beg you to implement a useful calendar so i could switch to PersonalBrain
This software seems to be so very awesome that i crave to use it...

Hi Path

Welcome to the forum and glad to hear you've stumbled across The Brain. Had a quick look at GoBinder and no doubt it would prove to be a useful tool in support of your studies.

Personal Brain (PB4), as you astutely point out offers great scope and is useful (for many of us indispensible) in all areas of life. It seems like you're an organised person and looking to settle in on a system to take some load off your mind as you go through college and beyond.

I would like to suggest that you separate the scheduling issues from the information management requirement of your study material when deciding on an approach. I use PB4 with MS Outlook and MS Project for scheduling. PB4 actually integrates rather closely with Outlook already and that interaction is set to deepen with subsequent versions. You should view PB4 as the the conductor of an entire software/information ensemble, like a master framework. Attempting to look to one piece of kit as the answer to all requirements can sometimes be detrimental. I have a lot of study information in my brain spanning many years and using a system such as PB4 allows current items to be integrated just as readily as ten years before, even though it is no longer a formal study approach. GoBinder might prove slightly constraining in its approach once you're out of the formal study environment.

Having said that, there is no reason not to use GoBinder as part of your ensemble embedded within PB4. That way, you can build your study formatted scripts as you like but still embed them in a wider context of PB4 information that will allow you to be truly unlimited. This would work very well. PB4 is an enabling compliment rather than an alternative in many cases.

Personal Brain will undergo many years of developments and will be a lifelong indispensible tool once you start using it. In that context it will far outgrow just about any other organisational environment, which is also important to consider.

Good luck


TB8022 32bit
Java 32bit Version 8 Update 141


Firefox, Office 2013 Pro Plus 32bit
64bit Win10Pro
64bit Primary Laptop, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7
64bit Secondary Laptop, 64GB RAM, Intel Xeon E3
Brain user since 1997
Yes i found GoBinder to be too limiting.
Sure i use an email cliemt. How do u Sync PB with other Tools?
About the scheduling, i dont think its very useful to separate PB from it.
Maybe you know a way how PB stays synced with an external Calendar-Tool?
Sure its possible to use another Tools for scheduling, but i think i could be more productive if this would be integrated into PB in a useful way.

There are VIRTUAL THOUGHTS, maybe there should be TIME THOUGHTS?
A Calendar view is useful to see everything at once, but how could i do scheduling on-the-fly while browsing through my thoughts without losing the whole picture?

Time Thoughts! That sounds nice.

Of course, if we could just have TIME with our calendar events, and then be able to browse those in the plex, it would amount to the same thing.

I really want Time with my Calendar as well... or at least be able to customize my "remind me again in.../snooze for..." reminder. The options on it now are not very useful to me.
The Brain needs a consciousness. Somehow time & calendar should be related to it.

My Brain has a single point of entry. This SPoE has several connections to important areas and topics. It's my root thought and i always have this one pinned.

Now sometimes i follow thoughts and they lead me far away from my SPoE, down into
the abyss of my brain. Such dives could take a long time. Its when i'm working on specific topics and arrange organize.

Now when there is an important TASK or EVENT in a couple of minutes. Maybe i have to take the bus and should make myself ready to go. Maybe i cook and while the water needs some time to boil i dive into my brain. Maybe someone's birthday is in 2 days and i told this thought to remind me 2 days earlier. Then somehow these time-realated things should pop up and connect to my SPoE a.k.a Root Thought a.k.a Consciousness ...and give me a signal. So i could stop my actual dive.
Then i will put my actual dive on standby, by maybe connecting it to a special dive_standby_thought, which is connected to my root thought....
...and then i can easily follow up calendar events which i was reminded of

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