For example, if I have a ton of open tabs in my Chrome browser, and then open a tab to access Jerrys Brain or any cloud brain, can the memory limitations of my computer have any impact on  how fast I can navigate that cloud brain?  Hard for me to see how, but thought someone might be able to correct me!


Thanks for asking about this, Mark.

Seems to me your Chrome resource status should not affect internal navigation speed within TB web client -- but, in the event that I'm wrong (or even if I'm not), you might be interested in using the following Chrome plugin since it allows you to deactivate open tabs and, in so doing, reduces Chrome's resource munching dramatically:
> The Great Suspender

It became absolutely indispensable to me as soon as I installed it, and I wouldn't ever want to have to use Chrome without it now.

In any case, I do hope we'll see some significant improvement in the navigation speed for large brains in the web client at some point soon since many, if not most, website visitors now expect pages to load in under 2 seconds. Anything longer than this, and people will simply leave -- and this is going to be a problem given how slowly TB10 web client navigation currently performs in large brains like Jerry's. (Pins in particular are terribly slow.)
FWIW, here's an example of the typical navigation speeds I've been getting for months now in Jerry's brain (recorded this evening):
Slow Navigation in Jerry's Brain

Thought loading averages about 8.55 seconds per thought in this 1.5 minute  video clip.
I also just now discovered several thought names are not showing up in the search for Jerry's brain. For example, you can test by searching for the following thought titles:
> US History
> US Civil War
> Engaged Zen Quaker
> Rewilding (1 word only)
> Gift Economy (2 words only)

Unfortunately, I have no idea how extensive this search problem may be. In addition, 2 of the 5 preceding thoughts were just now activated during the process of recording the preceding video, and they still didn't show up in the web client search.

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