Ok, I have tried and tried and cannot get the brain to print. Yes I changed the printer to one I am using. I want to print a part of the brain. I know stupid question, but cannot get it.
THanks, for help, Chef Steve
Chef Steve
Well, I just tried printing a small part of my Brain and it worked fine. So it's not impossible! (XP, by the way, PB Prof -- but that shouldn't matter). The only thing I can suggest you try is this: File menu/Page Setup and check you've got the right paper size selected, then click the Printer button at lower right and make sure you've got the right printer selected.

After that, as long as you can print from eg, Notepad, you'll need someone more expert that me to advise you!

HTH, Richard
Printing doesn't work properly in the beta currently.

In 5.0.x, multi-page printing works, but you have to go into expanded view and put all the thoughts you want printed into the actual plex itself. So make the plex as big as possible, and stuff it with everything you need. Otherwise, you'll have to screen cap what you are interested it in, and stitch it together using a graphics editor program to print it.

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