Vista OS
Version Jan, 27, 2009.

I have a brain called "Test" with about 1K thoughts and about 2.5K links.  It opens automatically (I assume it is because it was the last brain I used).

Replication steps:
1) Open PB5 (with default brain opening)
2) File -> Close Brain
3) on white screen below the "New Brain" button and "Open Brain" button section, I click on the "Test" link (path to brain is below it).

At this point, I get a message box that has a title of "PersonalBrain 5" and a message of "The Brain Test is already open."

This also occurs if I do the above steps and click on File -> c:\path\Test  (the recent files below the "Utilities" section.

If I go to File-> Close Brain again, it is grayed out.

Work arounds:
1) Close PB5 and re-open
2) Go to File -> Open Brain and then choose the "test.brain" file directly
3) Click on another previously opened brain, close it, then click on the original "test" brain again.

Kind of a low priority bug, but it does exist.

The Nut
This error is very consistent and reproduceable. I have re-done the steps I outlined in my first post while I had the Task Manager open to view the processes.  I only have one instance of PersonalBrain.exe running.

Here is an even simpler set of instructions.
1) create a new brain (Called "BugTest") (don't bother adding any thoughts)
2) File -> Close
3) File -> C:\path\test  (assuming the full path to brain is "C:\path\")
         Displays Message Box "The Brain BugTest is already open"

It is as if PB changes all the menu items to indicate that there is no brain attached, and then forgets to release the brain from memory until the program is shut down or a new (different) brain is loaded.

Please try to replicate it if you want.

Please note: I have only been using PB for a few days (24 days of trial left) so I am still running into simple things that seasoned users probably never use anymore. 

The Nut
Sounds like the Brain is keeping some file in the last opened brain "open" in exclusive mode. It only releases it when: a) PB closes/exits or b) PB instance opens new brain.

Just tested this with with Index on XP, and it definately is acting like it is keeping one or more files into the "last" opened brain open and that is what is preventing PB program from opening up that same brain.
Replicated... thank you for pointing this out.  We'll take a closer look.

Thank you,

Fixed in


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