hello guys and girls,

im seeking some answers regarding the capabilities of personal brain. basically im working on a visualization for a semantic search engine which can be visited at

this said, i need a visualization software, and personal brain free edition looks nice to begin with.. as a matter of fact, this search engine will store lots of meaningful data in OWL or RDF files. i need to have a way to retrieve all the information easily instead of typing each and everyone like im doing now..

please comment to inform me if this is anyhow feasible and doable in personal brain..

all responses are greatly appreciated and thanks all
I don't think this is built into the PB.  They do have a SDK for customization.

Did you see other tools like IsaViz?


IsaViz is a visual environment for browsing and authoring RDF models represented as graphs. It features:

  • a 2.5D user interface allowing smooth zooming and navigation in the graph
  • creation and editing of graphs by drawing ellipses, boxes and arcs
  • RDF/XML, Notation 3 and N-Triple import
  • RDF/XML, Notation 3 and N-Triple export, but also SVG and PNG export

Since version 2.0, IsaViz can render RDF graphs using GSS (Graph Stylesheets), a stylesheet language derived from CSS and SVG for styling RDF models represented as node-link diagrams.

--- Josef

PB can import OWL files, but it won't export thoughts to the OWL format.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thanks, will look into the isaviz, hope its the kind i'm looking for.


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