This is no doubt an elementary question.  I've arrived at TheBrain because i'm trying to find an elegant solution for some colleagues in a community college.

Basically they run an extensive program review process with a large number of recommendations generated for each program.  I want a way for a variety of different users (maybe 30 total) to be able to access the recommendations in a meaningful way.

Currently the recommendations are stored in a flat file Excel spreadsheet with a number of data fields to define the type of recommendation (up to 10 different fields, some with up to 20 categories).  At present, I've built an Excel pivot table to present the data and allow the to slice/dice.  But it really only shows them the "count of" recommendations in any particular category.  In order to see the actual recommendations they have to perform an extra step to do so.  I really want something a bit more elegant.  These are senior managers who may not be entirely Excel literate.

I'm thinking TheBrain may fit the bill but wonder if it is suitable for an Excel pivot table replacement (which i think it is) and what tools are required to import my Excel data (Mac and Windows platform if possible).

My apologies if this has been answered before.  I did do a search and research of the site here but found nothing suitable.

Best regards...john...

jpprice of today 2008-02-05, there are 58 views of this topic but no replies.  Is it just too basic a question to warrant replies/comments?  Any help or guidance would be most appreciated.  Even if that means telling me that i'm out to lunch ;-}


Hi John,

as far as I am concerned, I am struggling a bit to imagine how that would look like - just based on your abstract description. It might help if you could post a small excerpt from your tables...

One easy way to mass-import at least the thought-titles from Excel is to combine them into a single cell, separated by ";", and then paste this into PBs "Create new thought"-dialog.
I am sure that much more sophisticated "thought-creation" should be possible by creating the proper XML-structures required for "Paste thought", but currently I feel there is either some doco needed - or a few experiments

Hope this helps to at least get some discussion going...



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