Please try:

Open thought details dialog (TDD) for a given thought.
(Please note: focus is on name field...)
Press Cmd-G to set/remove a tag
Select a given tag with cursor-down, and enter
(tag is either added or removed from thought; tag list is still open)
Press escape.
(tag list is closed, BUT: where's the focus?)
Press return.
(beep, TDD still open?!)

and ...

Open TDD for a given thought
Press Cmd-Y to set/clear the thought's type
Select a given type with cursor-down/-up, and enter
(type is either set or cleared, thought type list is closed)
Press return.
(beep, TDD still open?!)


Thanks for posting.  This seems to be a mac only issue.  I've documented this for review.

Thank you,

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