Bought TheBrain Pro for local use on my Macbook and created and worked on a Brain for several days. With my Brain file open today, I went to the upper right corner and used the option to log out just to confirm my Brain was stored locally. I expected nothing to change when I logged out and would still be in the Brain I was working on since it was supposed to be local.
However, after I logged out, the Brain file I was in, closed. Not loaded anymore. Furthermore, after I closed TheBrain app and then reopened it, it went to a screen to create a new Brain and the Brain file I was working on is not there to open.
When I did log on, then my Brain file I was working on did appear again as a choice to open.
Note - In TheBrain \ Preferences - I did set the path to store my Brain files on a local hard drive.
Confused ... if my Brain files are supposed to be stored locally then why do I have to log on to access them?

Hi John,

Your brain files are stored locally on your machine and are associated with your account. When you log out, it does not show those Brains, similar to how your computer will not show files associated with your user when you are logged out.

Your brain's status is reflected in the icon next to it on the tab. If it shows a computer, that indicates it is local only.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 11.52.06 AM.png 

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