I have PB  When I launch the program, my main brain opens fine.  However, I can't open any other brain or brainzip.  I've tried opening them from my File menu, and although I get lots of disk activity light action, I don't even get as far as an open dialog box.  I've tried opening a brainzip file from Windows Explorer; if PB is open when I try this, I get more disk activity light activity and I get the PB flash/startup box, but the file never opens, and if I already have PB open when I try this, again, more disk activity, and PB seems to try opening another instance of the program (again, startup screen, plus I get to the window with my main brain listed), but the brainzip never opens.

Again, the program seems fine as long as all I do is launch it and let it open my main brain, but I can't open any other brain or brainzip file.


BTW, using Windows XP Service Pack 2 on a Dell Inspiron E1705 w/2GB of RAM.


Hi Randy, Thank you for the post.  Can you please try opening another Brain or a Brainzip by using the File menu and then directly after you do this close PB and send a copy of your output.log file to support@thebrain.com with a reference to this post.  This file can be located at C:\Program Files\PersonalBrain.  I will then get back to you via email regarding next steps you can take to correct this.

Best regards,


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