I noted previously (5.5 and 6.0 together) that there was a regression in 6.0 regarding opening brains with the command line.  At that time I thought it was related to running two versions of PB together, but in fact this feature no longer works correctly when a user attempts to open a 6.0 brain from the command line parameter if another 6.0 brain is already open.

Please fix this regression so that I can once again open an arbitrary number of brains from the command line.

I have been running a Windows Startup script for 2+ years now that opens two brains every time I log on to my computer.  Now I have to open (the 2nd and later) brains manually (due to the lack of selective synchronization I plan to break up one of my existing brains into two brains).

I have uploaded three Windows .CMD files, renamed to .TXT for uploading.  Both RunFirstBrain and RunSecondBrain will work correctly if no brains are already open, but neither will work if a brain is already open.

The file "output.log" was uploaded after RunBothBrains completed.

RunBothBrains never works in 6.0.

Testing done with PersonalBrain on a Windows XP sp3 computer.
Hi Cornan, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have confirmed this issue and passed it over to our developers for review.


Not fixed in

Hopefully a fix will make it into the next release, as this affects:
  • Every time I reboot my computer
  • My monthly scheduled archive (which ran today, Nov. 1)
  • restoring PersonalBrain instances after runs of Norton Ghost
  • opening a second (or greater) brain from the Windows UI
In the first three cases my existing scripts and settings cause PersonalBrain to open the first brain, then close it and open the second one.

I don't know how many people run 2 or more brains, but for me this is a significant regression.

Regression not fixed in (FYI)
Regression not fixed as of / Windows XP sp3 (32-bit).

The (erroneous) behavior may have changed slightly.  I have seen both of these behaviors since installing
  • the second run with command line parameter replaces the currently opened brain
  • the second run with command line parameter terminates without opening the brain in its command line or replacing the opened brain
Note: I doubled checked that the two brains I open together every day do not have the same GUID.

Please fix this regression.

Hi Cornan,

The reason this behavior was changed from 5.5 is to support launching of brain:// links from external programs.

The next upcoming release of PersonalBrain will support specifically requesting a new instance when launching via the command line. Just pass -n as the first parameter and put the brain you want to open as the second parameter.

Woo Hoo!

I'll be sure to check this out each update anyway; in the meantime I'll leave my existing infrastructure (startup commands, Norton Ghost "restart" settings) in place and tweak the command lines when the fix becomes available.

(Without wanting to be too preachy, hopefully similar changes can be made in a more backwards-compatible way in the future.)

The linux version can open two brains simultaneously. (fyi)
I have good news on this issue (which was the more serious one) but a separate issue affecting the use of 2 or more brains is still in effect.

The new command / shortcut syntax in
<PathToPersonalBrain> -n <PathToBrainDB>

... works fine - I've updated my shortcuts and batch processes and they do open multiple brains without closing previously opened brains.

On the other hand, the tools layout is still being reset if I set two or more layouts in different brains, close the brains and then reopen them (  I've created a new forum item because the title of the earlier posting caused a misunderstanding.

Where is there some documentation on all the command line parameters supported by PB?

PB Pro
Windows 7 x64
394 thoughts and climbing
As far as I know, it was only the path to the brain, and after the unintentional regression they added -n (which is working fine, by the way).


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