I am running TheBrain10 on Windows 10 desktop.  Is it possible please to move all Brain related folders to a different drive without messing up my Brains?
I mean of course the data files in "Documents", not the program itself.
Yes it is.  Under Options > Preferences | System > Storage | Select Folder to set the root of the Brains folder.

I can't quite remember the order I did it (but it was something like)
- make a File >  Backup Brain to Archive (just in case)
- close TheBrain (check it's closed in Task Manager)
- move the Brains folder to new location (with all the sub-folders U01 etc. don't change this structure) [hint don't pick a network, removable or USB drive]
- open TheBrain (it won't show any brains)
- Options > Preferences | System > Storage | Select Folder <set the new path> [choose the new Brains folder]
- close TheBrain
- open TheBrain and you may need select the = > Open Brain (or File > New Tab then the menu hamburger)

There might be a simpler way just changing the System Storage Folder and you might be prompted to move the folder (I didn't try this).

Hope that helps.
Actually, you can move the directory right from within the application.  So make the new/empty "Brains" directory first, in the desired location, then open TheBrain and click on Options > Preferences > System tab and specify this new storage location.  The application will move the data for you.

I like that shinyplastic pointed out making a .BRZ (Brain Archive) just in case... always a good idea!


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