How do I change the icon of the brain itself?


I want to organize these brains further and make them stand out with logos for themselves. however the only thing that seems to be influencing the graphic design of these brains is a default theme. 

For example, Visual Library has a background to its theme. However it remains blank in the menu of brains.chrome_2018-06-23_09-41-04.png  chrome_2018-06-23_09-47-45.png 
What are the ways I could change the graphic design of the brains from the brain menu?

Thanks, Friends!
Try (re)setting your wallpaper. Then close that brain. Then click the + sign. The brain should now have been updated with a preview of the new wallpaper.
Using: Evernote | Filterize | Roam Research | Feedly | Save Page WE | TheBrain v11.0.91.0

(Windows 10)

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