I had started a thread on a (now archived) thread regarding finding childward thoughts of a certain thought types. Harlan replied with a workaround:

It's not ideal, but you can accomplish this by selecting the childward thoughts using the "Select Related" command, then activate the type that you want. This will show the thoughts that are in the selection highlighted in the plex.

I don't seem to be able to get this to work. Maybe I'm not following the process correctly. Here's what I'm trying to do:

  • start at a thought (like a customer thought)
  • find all the meeting notes under this customer thought (some are at the first level, some are a few levels down) - all meetings notes are tagged with "Meeting Note"

I would like to hear if someone can provide a workaround for this or clarification on the instructions above.


Thanks for posting.  If I understand correctly, you want to see all Thoughts, 8 generations below the current active Thought - correct? (I chose 8 as a random example).  If this is the case, please try the following:

  • CTRL + click on the current active Thought.  CMD + click for macOS
    This will add your Thought into TheBrain's selection box which will appear on the left side of the plex.
    Also notice in the plex, that the selected thought now has an animated outline.
  • Next, click on Edit > Select Related Thoughts
    Check the box for Child Thoughts, 8 clicks away

The result will be that you have all list of all thoughts, within 8 generations down listed in the selection box.  If you click through the plex, you'll see any Thought in the selection box is being displayed with the animated outline.

More info on mass selecting Thoughts at  https://www.thebrain.com/support/tutorials#selecting-multiple-thoughts

Is this what you were looking for?

Thank you,
Hi Matt -

I'm fine to "select related" thoughts to get the childward thoughts, but I need to take it one step further. I need to filter all the childward thoughts and see only those that are of a certain type "Meeting Notes". 

I would love to do this using the reports area or the search box in the upper right. 

For example, if I click in the search box area, I can type a search term and click the "Childward only" box and it will only show me the thoughts under the current active thought that match my search term. But - I can't search for thought types in this manner.

If I use the reports area, I can select the thought type name, but can't filter the results by only those that are childward.

Hope that helps,
After you have the thoughts selected, do a search and check the box to search only the selection. 

There is is also a box there that will search only childward two generations without the need to create a selection. 
Thanks - I had overlooked the "search selection" option from the search box. The underlying issue is that I can't use the search box or reports area to search for thoughts with a specific "thought type" but only going childward. 

I did find a workaround which will be OK since I'm diligent about adding the date as the beginning of a note's thought name and in the ISO standard for dates so they are always in order.

Examples of names:

2018-08-15 Project X Review
2017-10-20 Sync with Bob

Here's the process:

  • Go to my thought type where I want to search childward (this would probably be a project thought, like "Project X" where I'm looking for data underneath it.)
  • Use the search box to search for "2018" and click childward only (or I can enter "201" or "20" to expand the date range)
  • This filters all the childward thoughts so I'm only seeing those with the prefix, which are 95% just the thoughts that are of type "Meeting Note"

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