I noticed two problems which are still present in the version

- Chinese character conversion:
If you drag&drop web pages with Chinese headers in the plex the created thoughts mainly consist of unreadable stuff like a lot of squares and underscores. This isn't true for every Chinese web page but unfortunately for a lot. Earlier Versions (4.2.xx) seemingly had a higher success rate (might be just coincidence though).
*edit*: The indexing of those web pages also fails, thus content can not be indexed/searched

- Link types reset when relation is changed:
If you change the relation between two thoughts with a link type (e.g. parent-child to parent-jump) the link type resets to untyped. If this is not a bug but an intended feature, maybe it would be possible to make this feature optional by inserting a dialog box like "reset link type yes/no". Link labels are also reset by this procedure.

Keep up the great work, PB is getting better everyday

Thanks. The link types getting reset is a bug. We'll look into it.

Please post the URLs to a few of the sites you are having trouble with and we'll see what can be done. Thanks.

Hi Harlan,
I just noticed that the conversion for German umlaut (ü,ö,ß etc.) doesn't work either. I wanted to create a BrainZip which showcases how different versions ( and  produce different results, however on copying and pasting thoughts PB said this wouldn't be possible because "Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence".
Here are a few links to check this out: (German "ü" is misrepresented in 4.5, works in 4.1) (this one actually works in 4.5 not in 4.1 though; just wanted to give a positive example as well)

Hope that helps a little


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