Suppose I want to get a chromebook and work with the brain:

Am i correct that i won't be able to do a lot of things with the brain? like:

missing functionality that is in the mac and windows editions? Such as timeline, sync to google calendar, selecting multiple toughts , easy rearranging things etc.etc.

Kind regards Harmen
Hi Harmen,

The online version does not have all the desktop features. The cloud interface does have all of the main features such as ability to add/modify Thoughts, add attachments, Notes, Tags, Thoughts Types, Pin Thoughts and instant activate (search Thoughts) but the desktop application does have more advanced features and menus, including calendar, reports, preferences and more. 

Best regards,
TheBrain Technologies
okay. i know that. But will there be calendar functionality in the web app in the future or will there be a more powerfull app for android or chome-os?
I think i will be switching to chrome os..... so than i lose lot's of functionality in the brain
The windows version has lot's of features....android and web don't... So thebrain isn't very much developed with primary online use in mind but with use on desktop systems primary..... i think....

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You are correct.  The deskop app currently has the most features and capabilities. We do hope to make the web client every bit as powerful and useful as the desktop app in the future.  We have not officially started developing TheBrain Timeline for the web client, but we do hope that is possible to include at some point.

We are, however, in active development of an updated android app.  In house development and testing is underway.

Thank you,

Thanks mcaton for your reply.
I certainly hope android app gets more functionality . Are you also looking into :
calendar integration
Attachment preview (it is very time consuming that attachments have to be downloaded....)
Attach files to thought from file Explorer
Camera attachment adding With option to convert to pdf

Looking forward to New version


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