So after having used (the registered version of) Personal Brain 3 for many year I was pleased to see there was a new version available. I ordered the upgrade minutes later at the upgrade price (which is still 169$ mind you). I was especially interested in seeing there was now a Linux version available since I use both Window and Linux (dualboot) on my laptop.

To my surprise however (and might I add great dislike) upon installing the Linux version (having first upgraded my old PB3 brain on Windows which I understood to be the only way to upgrade from PB3 to PB4 because the Linux version of PB4 could not do that) it tells me my serial number is not usable for the Linux version of PB4.

Surely you do not expect me to pay for the same product twice ? Had I known this in advance I would not have ordered the upgrade at all. PB3 did all I needed it to do except run under Linux.

This is one of those things I never understood, what does it matter if I want to run my Personal Brain both under Windows and Linux. I am still only 1 user.

Guess you could say I am more then a little disappointed.

Hi, thanks for posting your concern. Please email support@thebrain.com and we'll work something out for you.

Long time users of TheBrain and thanks for creating it!!
Problems are arising in upgrade to Tech support helped when prev. version would not convert and we rebuilt the database from scratch (about 1GB, 600+ thoughts and 2000+ items. That was fine. NOTE: Using Windows 7 64bit.
SO, 1. can no longer drag and drop anything from desktop to Brain. Shows the error icon that it does not allow the dropping. No problem dragging and dropping WITHIN the Brain. No problem dragging and dropping from Explorer to the Brain. Only from within the FILE system or from, e.g., Outlook.
2. POSSIBLY related, can only open the Brain using version IF I acccept the WINDOWS ACCOUNT USER WINDOW that says Windows does not recognize the Brain's publisher and is that OK. Only if you say OK will the program then load. NO OTHER PROGRAM OUT OF DOZENS that we use forces us to acknowledge the absence of publisher ID to run it!!! Don't know if the absence of your program's proper identity would then cause DRAG and DROP from the file system and Windows' programs not to work as a security protection????

Appreciate any help. We are in the middle of a major project and this is a horrible inefficiency problem if we can not drag and drop files and Outlook items! Thanks.

John, I see that you wrote into support about the issue you have run into. We have replied to you from support regarding the issue. Please get back to us via support so that we can further assist you.


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