What is the level of data protection available for the cloud services offered by TheBrain?
In light of the recent and not so recent incidents of data mining and breaches of privacy, I wonder whether people are concerned about uploading their thoughts to yet another cloud server that is out of reach of their control.

Is it possible to use a privat cloud and/or subscribed cloudservice like dropbox or onedrive?

FWIW, syncing an active brain with Dropbox is NOT recommended:
> Harlan's Explanation

nstead, I save all my daily backups in Dropbox in order to maintain a version history.

Here is a much more lengthy and detailed discussion of Dropbox issues and considerations, if you are interested:
> Dropbox WILL corrupt your brain's database

You can also search through the forum to see many more discussions related to the use of Dropbox.
As for your question on data protection/security, there may be (?) some differences between the TB9 web client platform and TB8 web brain platform.

Are you asking specifically about TB9 web client, or about both platforms?

Thank you for posting. Metta's links and info regarding storing a Brain on dropbox is accurate. It's ok to link to files stored in drop box, but don't sync your Brain there. 

Regarding security for TheBrain Cloud, here's what you need to know:
  • TheBrain 9 uses a completely different architecture from TheBrain 8 including improved security.
  • TheBrain 9 servers are hosted via Microsoft Azure and not AWS.
  • At present, there is no facility for accessing information even by administrators without the login information. Additionally, our services agreement does not permit us to access user data for any purpose beyond providing services to the user.
  • Passwords are salted and hashed and cannot be viewed by anyone.
  • File attachments and notes are encrypted using a 256-bit AES cipher (one of the strongest block ciphers available).

Thank you,

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