Is anybody using something like DropBox or Mesh to host/replicate the personal brain files to a cloud provider? I am considering doing this and wondering if anybody has good or bad experiences. While theoretically it should work, I know Mesh for example ocassionally spits it at long/magic filenames.

I am considering mesh to get my PB cross from Windows, OSX, and the Cloud.

There's a few forum posts around this, and also a write-up on the Users Google Groups page.

Keep in mind that PB's database is very large and has a lot of files. As a result, unless you are careful you can easily corrupt your brain. Folks from TheBrain recommend to not use a sync solution, rather use a USB drive or make brainzips and use those to transport your database.

If you do decide to try out DropBox or another solution, make daily Brainzips in case you run into an issue.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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