I'm just trying to import a structured knowledgebase into PB via "paste outline". Every time I'm done with a branch, I'd like to close/collapse it in order to go on to the next one without getting lost within this growing brain.

It is almost impossible to predict PBs behaviour regarding this tiny minus-sign, sometimes it takes me up to a minute to collapse such a branch because this crazy symbol simply does not appear when the mouse is exactly over it ...

Why on earth can't we use a normal keyboard shortcut like Ctrl-cursor left like in any other decent outliner? Why are these guys so mouse addicted? I purchased this tool in order to get more productive ... something impossible when you have to jump constantly between keyboard and mouse ...
Ergonomy should be a top issue for future releases ...


I agree regarding the need for focus on ergonomy functions in PB. I suggested some shortcuts for expand and collapse in outline view previously in post #3 in this thread:


At Uservoice:


In Firefox there is the Keyconfig addon, which I use extensively:


This is very configurable, and all operations in Firefox can be given a shortcut key or combination.

I really liked the new menu shortcuts that were added to PB in a previous verson of v.5, as well as the added navigation functionality in v.5007.
I like to use the keyboard effectively(like for touch typing), and never use the mouse in an application if I don't need to, so more shortcuts would be very welcome.

Here is the latest shortcuts overview in PB in post #21 by Zenrain:


TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)

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