My biggest complaint about the pre-5.5 color dialogs was that they didn't indicate the current color, though the menu at least would show a "Remove Color" choice which told me that some color had been set.

At first I thought that in 5.5 the initial color selector (with the little square buttons) was using a thin black border (at least in Windows) for the color it thinks has been set, but it seems the outline is always set to the leftmost button, even though it usually doesn't represent the color of the item.

I should note that on all my brains, "Apply Colors to Background" is set.

The worst problem I've seen so far is that pressing "Cancel" on the "Custom" dialog removes the existing color (at least when editing a Type):
  1. Select "Edit Type" for a type with a color (remember, on my systems this will end up as a background color)
  2. Click "Custom".  You should see the color of the Type.
  3. Press "Cancel".  The existing color will be REMOVED from the type.  This ain't right.  "Cancel" should return the object to the color in effect when the dialog was started (i.e. cancel the dialog, not remove a color that may have been in place for months).
What about a thought that inherits its color from a type?
  1. Set the active thought to a thought that receives its color from a Type (i.e. has no color of its own).
  2. In the Properties & Attachments panel, click "Color"

    On my system, the leftmost button is white, and clicking on "Custom" takes me to a dialog where "white" is the selected color.

    I think this is because white is the "starting point" for "no color set", yet there was no way for me to tell that no color had been set.

    It would be MUCH better to have some kind of "no color set" indication, either a little button with a special pattern or even text, perhaps "none".  Or maybe the pre-5.5 "Remove Color" button could be migrated down into the "square button" drop-down.
Given the limitation (covered in detail elsewhere) of having one only one global color to combine with multiple "by thought" / "by type" colors, it would have been much more important to me to implement separate foreground (text) and background colors "by thought" and "by type" than to revamp the color dialogs on their own.

At that point the new color dialogs would become more useful.  Then the only real limitation would be the lightening / darkening that PB applies to colors.  As things stand now the range of choices is already quite limited, not by the color dialogs, but by the design.

(grumble, grumble)

I'm running under Windows Vista / Ultimate

My hat goes off to you, sir, for making 5.5 your working version in its present form!

Like you, I find those little square color buttons unintuitive, not to mention buggy, which doesn't improve their acceptance. The color swatches we had in 5.0 were trouble-free. Unlike you, I found that although they went away after I Canceled them, they didn't stay away, unfortunately. So there seems no way to get rid of them once you've chosen a non-standard color, or am I wrong? Maybe we need an Option not to display them at all!

I also think that when they appear in Preferences > Colors their effect is to obscure the display, making me wish they didn't.

The only reason to make me continue using their new color selector for Thought types is the fact that they've linked the Plex to it so that changes to type colors are instantly visible in the Plex. Thank goodness for that.

I'd say, forget about those little color squares and simply adjust colors using sliders and numbers.

PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17
Cornan, Thanks for both your feedback and the bug report . I have noted this for the developers.

Best regards,

dyslucksia, I'm not that brave.  I start with a full file folder backup (due to previous difficulties with brainzips), and then run in parallel, adding the same thoughts to both databases.

Even so, I worry a bit because the "AppData" (Vista) files seem not to be version specific (they probably should be) - so far it seems that two versions of PB can co-exist even while sharing the same Preferences file.

Okay, a little brave.

As I do re-use some colors I like having previously used colors around to choose from; otherwise I would have to visit some other thought or type to note the color and then run back to the current thought / type.

Cornan, I went through this some weeks ago, tired of hoping that the next release, or the one after that, or the one after that, would end my 5.5 woes.

The changes I made described here work well for me now. I'm not embracing 5.5 until I really feel comfortable with it. Each day I "test" it I find things that make me want to tear my hair out (what's left of it).

PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17

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