System: Mac 10.6.2, Brain

Start with the default theme of dark blue. Add some thoughts and assign them types, and then assign text colors to types. For example, type A = red, B = green, C = blue.

Now change the theme to white.

BUG: The thought text changes to black, but if your pointer passes over a thought, its bubble fill turns the correct color.

In short, the light themes (LA Sunset, white, and Light Blue) turn text white and darks turn the text black.

This might be by design, but I am not in favor of it. I'm using colors for text that is hard to read on a colored background but would be perfect on white ... but for white the text color disappears!
Thanks Tim,

We'll take a closer look at the theme and color settings to make sure they are working properly.

In the mean time, you can go into your PREFERENCES and on the LOOK & FEEL tab, change the setting in the drop down box for APPLY COLORS TO from BACKGROUND to TEXT.

Does this give you the results you expected?

Those settings address defaults, but not the problem with Brain switching colors. However, it does provide a way to set the background to a color that will work with the various colors I'm using for text.

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