This might be minor feature request, but lately I found myself handicapped when I wanted to use the folder location of the thought folder to save a file from the web. Every time I had to use the command "open the thought folder" then copy the folder path before being able to save a file from the web to the thought folder.

Maybe another command could be added to the context menu of a thought and under "Copy Thought URL" which could be "Copy Thought Folder path."

Any takers? I could have posted this in the feature request portal of the "The Brain" but thought its better to check if I am missing anything in what I am attempting.

Thank you for posting.  It's a great request and one that I will share with our engineers for further review.

A helpful feature to be aware of is the Send To integration in TheBrain.  This will only work when moving a file from a Windows Explorer window.  When you right-click a file or folder in Windows Explorer and select the Send to PersonalBrain command, that file will either be saved as an attachment on your home Thought or on the current active Thought (specified in the Preverences > UI window in TheBrain).  So you might be able to save a bit of time by setting up the desired destination location in your Brain settings, then saving from the Web to your desktop and use the Brain's Send To integration.

Also, feel free to post new feature requests (or vote on existing ones) at  Our engineering and design teams often visit this site to see what popular requests are being made.

Thank you,
The “Send To” submenu of the Windows Explorer file context menu does not contains a “TheBrain” item.
I use w7-64 international (greek language) and TB7.0.3.3. The same problem I had when I used PB6.

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