hi, for tasks, I currently set up a thought with a type "Follow up" and then assign tags to determine if the task is for me or for someone else and then use the notes section to record info.

Once that task (thought) is complete, I change the type to "Complete"...

Just wondering how you all deal with tasks once they are complete?

Right now, if I report on tags that are assigned to me, I get all the tasks that are still active, plus all my completed tasks (thoughts).

Do you delete your completed, do you put up with reporting on a huge list of tasks, or what?

Any advice would be great.


ps, when I mark complete, I also have a big green icon with a white checkmark...but still, there is a big list.
91 views and not a single reply...

If coming to this forum isn't a good place to come to ask fellow PB users questions..where does everyone go to ask questions, get advice etc ?

Is there a place we newbies do not know?

You might get some more input from these sites and videos?
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Well, I do it a bit differently than you do, so see if this makes sense. 

I created a thought type called "Action" and then I jump link those to Person thoughts that are related, and change the links to be "responsible for", "provides info", "waiting on", etc. (Those are defined link types). I create a pin for the actions thought to quickly see all the actions I have defined, and I can see their tags. (One limitation of the brain is I can't select both a thought type and a set of tags to filter it in the plex).

When I complete an action I do one of several things with it:
  1. Record the results of the action and change it's Thought type to "Reference" since I want to keep the information as part of the project
  2. Forget it, since I don't need it anymore.
  3. Evolve it, but putting a timestamp in the notes with info about the current state of the action item and may rename the label to reflect a new state.
Because I have thought Icons for the various thought types, when I pin a tag like 'Now!', I can quickly see what Action thoughts are under that tag and navigate to the project in question.

Another strategy I have been experimenting with is to not have an "Action" thought for every action, but put checkboxes in the Action for steps that need to be completed on that item. I still would change the thought type after completion to "Finished" or something so I could unclutter what I'm looking at.

I hope that helps!

- Brian 
thank you for the replies!...that will help me

just wondering though....lets say over the course of a week, you have 10 actions items (10 thoughts) for a team member to do.  As of Wednesday 5 are completed. Whether you change the tag or the thought type to something that reflects it is complete, when you report on that team members tasks, you still see all 10, right?...5 complete and 5 to do.

Just wondering if there is a way to not see the complete during that week.

hope this makes sense.

Well, I've done it several ways. One is to have a "Completed" thought on a per project basis (or at whatever you like), which after the "Action" items that I wish to keep are changed to a different thought type, then they can be moved under that "Completed" thought so you won't see them when looking at the actions.

Again, part of my strategy is to do something with the completed actions - keep is as reference, evolve it to a different task, or forget it.

If you want to keep all the tasks around for documentation purposes, then moving them to the "Completed" is a decent strategy.

This is definitely a painful area of the the brain - not being able to select or filter based on two or more dimensions is a limitation that makes task management difficult - for example, I can select one tag at a time and see all the thoughts tagged that way. I can select a Thought type and see all the thoughts in the plex with that thought type. I cannot, however, select a thought type and then filter by tags. 

Basically, trying to manage tasks requires more work than it should.

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