I wonder if any thought has been given to updating tutorials and other support materials.  I've been trying to learn how to use the product and the latest tutorial told me about "autohide".  Of course, I could not find it and after about 2 hours of searching, I find that the tutorial is from back in 2010 or thereabouts and that feature has been deleted in the current release.

I wonder if you think it might be useful to have tutorial material that didi not reference what no longer exists?  It is damn frustrating to find that I can't do what I've just been told I can do.

This seems to be a useful product but the supporting materials are really bad.
@Mike0910201 ~

Just another brain user here, and I can sympathize with your frustration if you've been working with older, outdated versions of the tutorials. (May I ask: were you watching older tutorials on YouTube?)

Fortunately, TheBrain team has provided quite a few updated tutorials specifically for the current version of TheBrain, which are located on the main website.

In addition, if you are working in version 9 or version 10 of TheBrain, quite a few of these same tutorials are also available in a "Quick Start" brain which you can easily create from within TheBrain application itself:
> Simply navigate from "Help" in the top menu to "Create a Quick Start Brain"....
> On this same "Help" menu, you will also see a convenient link to the aforementioned web site tutorials.

As for the missing "autohide" feature, which I myself used and loved, the decision was made (as you have since discovered) to sunset this feature.

However, I understand there is a native autohide in the Mac interface which can be used the same way. In addition, I discovered there is a similar (slightly different) work-around available in some versions of Windows called "aero-snap".

If you are interested, here is more background and context about this sunsetting decision and our current auto-hide alternatives.

Hope this helps! ÃƒÆ’ƒÂ°Ã…¸â„¢â€š
Also, in case you are interested in reviewing written versions of the support materials, several other resources are available that are even more detailed than the video tutorials:
> TheBrain 9 User Guide
> TheBrain 10 User Guide
> TheBrain 10 Knowledge Base
Thank you for the updated info.  My story is that I tried the software a few years ago ... maybe in 2014 or so.  I had to ditch it because it had too many glitches for my taste.  I think the straw that broke my back was when I worked out a scheme to build a setup that required that I have a certain sort order (I forget why) and it blew up.  It turned out that the brain used a non-standard sort order ... something like sorting special characters after the alphabetical and numeric ... and I had put a ton of work and it depended on the standard (probably ANSI) sort order.  Since that elaborate scheme was itself a workaround for the software not doing something else ... my hair caught fire and I moved on.

I have recently seen the latest version and it looks much better so I'm trying again.  My frustration has little to do with needing a particular function but more that feeling of "oh no, not again"!  LOL, I don't really need that auto-hide feature.  It just seemed good when it was mentioned and I had used it in an earlier version of the software so I was perplexed when the tutorial told me about it and I could not find it.  I mean, just a comment along with the video might have been nice.

As to YouTube ... I found the tutorial from the website, I think.  Those videos link right to YouTube so I'm not sure there is much difference.  I think the video was something about Tips and Tricks.  I've been working my way through the tutorials to get back up to speed.  The thing about this software is that there are so many ways to do everything that it is easy to make a mountain out of a molehill if you get my meaning.  For example, I found myself making everything a thought whereas some things could just be bullet points or checkboxes in the notes of one thought.   Rookie mistake!

Since I posted this I saw the James Buke video and remember watching it years ago.  It is great but also odd that his project seems to have stalled.  I don't think much has changed in the last nine years or so.  What a great idea ... too bad.

Well, back to watching the videos and starting to build my own "brain".  It is helpful to see what others have done.
Thanks for your follow-up, Mike. I appreciate learning more about your experience with TheBrain. I've been using TB since 2012, and I can relate to your frustration with the glitches. However, I personally have found version 8 to be relatively stable and I rely quite heavily (throughout the day) on my v8 megabrain since it has now become the hub of my digital life. [Although I've tested versions 9 & 10, I'm waiting to migrate into a newer version until (1) tables are available in the notes and (2) more of the bugs in the new web client have been resolved.]

In the meantime, I'm glad to hear you're having a better experience with the version you are now testing -- and I hope it will continue to work for you in the days ahead. I personally like the versatility of TheBrain -- and you are right: it can take some testing and tweaking to (eventually) determine on a set-up and strategy that will be most effective for your preferred work flow. (If you are interested, you can learn about my own set-up here.)

I also agree with you completely about James Burke's knowledge web brain project. It seemed so promising....
Thanks for posting. Yes, we do have many older videos out on our YouTube channel.  Some users of the older versions still find these helpful.  As I believe you have discovered, the latest/greatest tutorials for TheBrain 10 can all be found at http://www.thebrain.com/tutorials

Thank you,

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