The ability to visualize the connection map influences by connection strength or weighting would be very powerful. In addition to more meaningfully organizing thoughts and the relative importance to each other, it would also be possible to add multiple dimensions to the connection map so that you could organized the connections based on tags. For example, the 3rd dimension could be things on the same plane such as financial information, news or web articles, or whatever. The floating nature of the connection map would organize and collect based not only on what is connected but by how strong the connection is. This would also lean towards a neural network like approach.

If this is possible using the SDK, please have someone contact me directly,

API has not been released yet, as far as I know.

About the only thing that exists right now is, in the Pro version, the ability to give links a type and alter their thickness/color.  Could provide a way for you to rate connection strength using existing features.


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