While searching the forums revealed the internal logic behind why the sibling gate is sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right, I haven't been able to find a way to set a default behavior or manually specify the left or right side for individual thoughts. However, we've also just seen a new version of the software released so I'm hoping that perhaps there might be some hidden way of doing this.


One of the use cases for which I'm leveraging TheBrain is to create detailed maps for RPGs. While the parent gate is ideal for categorizing locations (countries on a political map, sites within a city, rooms within a building, etc), and the child gate is perfect for listing details about a particular location, the sibling gate is the best fit for showing connections to adjacent areas.

The Expanded View is perfect for building such an overlay, but unfortunately, with the sibling gate switching sides every time a new link is made, it becomes very difficult to achieve a tidy look. A thought that is placed with its sibling gate over the appropriate site may suddenly end up with the gate over a different area entirely when a new link is drawn. Link lines criss-crossing in effectively random directions also detracts from the appearance.

What I would like is to either be able to specify on which side the sibling gate should appear for individual thoughts, OR specify on either a per-Brain or per-Expanded View basis, that all sibling gates should be shown on one side or the other (i.e. like with an outline).

Is there any way to do this OR could we please see such a feature in a future update?

Thank you for posting.  Unfortunately, there is currently no option to specify which side of the Thought the jump gate will appear on.  This is done automatically by the application using very specific design code.

I do see your point for wanting to specify the location and I'll add this as a feature requests for our engineers to review.

Thank you,
Matt Caton
TheBrain Tehcnologies
Thanks Matt, it would be appreciated.

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