Hi all,

I use PB4 mainly for contact management.  Thought I would share my setup.

Thought types (different colours):
Project - a major initiative I have worked on at work
Organisation - does what it says on the tin
People - with subtypes: client, colleague, contact, family and friends
Event - e.g. restaurant visited
Location - contintent-country-town-region hierarchy
I have actual thoughts to represent these thought types and then every thought is a member of one or more of them.  e.g. if I add my sister who lives in New York, I would add a new thought, Laura, of type person and would link it to 'New York' which is a 'location' thought.  It would also link to my main 'family' thought.

This allows me to click on 'organisation' thought and see all of the firms I have worked with/for/know someone from.  If I click on one of these organisations, I can see all of the people that I know there.  If I click on a person, I can see where that person is based, whether they are a friend/colleague/contact etc. and also which projects I worked on with them.

Links are simple.  All are basic links except if the relationship is historic, i.e. person x has left firm y that they worked for, I use a different colour.  I use vertical hierarchy except for marriages and companies-projects.

Sorry if this isn't clear but thought it might help someone.

And any good contact manager should be able to store email addresses and use them to launch a pre-addressed memo...

I've had some success creating URL shortcuts for email addresses attached to thoughts that when clicked would create a new email memo with the address to: filled in from the URL shortcut.

I found that this didn't always work. The best way to go was to create a regular web URL shortcut (the kind you'd make by dragging a web page into PB) to your desktop. Then edit the bookmark in a text editor.

the format you want (in a plain text file) is like this:


Under windows xp, the url attachment in PB would take on the icon of my mail program.

I've made other attempts to extend this by creating launchable phone #s using script attachments and hyperterminal as the launcher, but I've never actually got that working right, although I think with sufficient fiddling it could be made to function.
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.
My 2 cents: I'm using Lotus Notes and would like to continue using that as the main storage for contact-related data. I also enter the ppl. that I deal with as thoughts AND I link these thoughts to their corresponding Notes-entry (as attached URL), so that all details are simply available by following the link. Very handy

Now, if I could link back from the Notes-entry into The Brain...

(Not sure if everybody would know how to do that, but as I only discovered it by accident, here's how to get that link to the Notes-record: in contact-mgr, search the record, right-click, select first entry in context-menu ("Document properties" or so, I'm using german version, so I don't know exact english titles), then click on the <+>Tab, the 2nd entry from the bottom is "Bezeichner" (I guess this would be "identifier"?) - that is the URL that you can link to from TB - or anywhere else.)

For the mail URL you can also add it in notes by going to View > HTML View and type
<a href="">Joe Schmo</a>

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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