Are there plans underway to improve the ability to easily ingest and send new content into the brain from the web, emails, and other applications? 

The iOS version of the brain does not allow me to capture articles and other research for ingestion into the brain, while I am surfing or working on my mobile device. 

If The Brain could improve the current workflow around ingesting 3rd party information into the brain for tagging and connection to other thoughts, my utilization and reliance on this info management system would greatly increase and my reliance on other info Mgmt apps, like Evernote, would greatly decrease.    

Thanks in advance for any insights you can share regarding this usability question.
The new version out today does exactly that. The "Add to TheBrain" extension now functions from many more places. Plus since it supports PDFs, you can always create a PDF and sent that to your Brain, so you can add just about anything now.

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