I've noticed that SOMETIMES in the context menus, the "shortcut key" for individual menu items is shown with an UNDERLINE under the key which activates the item.  

Example:  If you right click a thought, the press the "a" key will open the "add attachment" dialogue.  I originally figured that out because at some point I saw the menu item displayed as "Add Attachment".

However, most of the time in most my brains those underlines are not there.  I cannot figure out how to consitently turn that on?


I see you're a Mac user. I don't know anything about mnemonics on Macs but if you run Windows there are settings for displaying/hiding them. See here.">
PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17

Ah, that makes total sense now.  

FYI: mnemonics *IN PB* work the same way on the Mac (press "alt" after the menu comes up) - I'm not sure about any other Mac apps though.

However, the reason this is even coming up for me...
Sometimes when using Remote Desktop to a Windows computer, or Screen Sharing to a Mac, the "alt" key seems to mysteriously get *stuck on* even though I'm NOT really pressing it! 

I just didn't connect the two events until now. 
Thank you very much 


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