In TheBrain 8, plurals are accounted for in context sensitive names.

For example, if a Parent thought name is "Genres", if the child thought name is "Genre, Fiction", the child thought will appear as "Fiction" if the "Genres" thought is active.

In TheBrain 9, if the "Genres" thought is active, the child thought will appear as "Genre, Fiction".
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
I could see both sides of this.  Probably in general the v8 behavior should be retained.  Though even v8's method is bedeviled by English (and probably other localizations).  For example, in v8 Fishes / Fish follows @zenrain's reported Genres / Genre behavior -- but Geese / Goose does not.   Maybe it's a good thing that v9 doesn't try to be as sophisticated -- at least, the v9 method will always be right, while the v8 method can never always be right.
Great observation.  I'll document this for engineering review.

Thank you,

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