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Thanks for your comments. We will definitely be looking into ways to allow MM and PB to communicate better in the future.

I also am a heavy MM user and have been for years. I think PB and MM have very different key values,

MM is great for brainstorming and more latterly for all sorts of other task management functions etc. It does mind mapping well and this provides a single at a glance view of whatever is being mapped. (although in my view imindmap is much closer to the mindmapping principles).

PB is superb for organising and accessing information from a wide variety of sources and can be made always available .. great for collecting info 'as you go'.

So, I think the two apps complement each other well, but I do support the idea of being able to import MM maps.

Rgds Grick.
Thanks for your comments. We will definitely be looking into ways to allow MM and PB to communicate better in the future.

Harlan, as and when MM interaction is addressed it would be useful to be able to directly link to PB thoughts from Mind Manager branches.


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I've also been an avid MM user for a few years, and have found it very beneficial to my thought processes. PB has some big advantages of course. I'm casting my vote for MM-PB import/export/communication.

In the same vein, a major feature that would enhance PB is the ability to use hierarchical structures and ordering.  I'm talking about starting with something as simple as lists - I'd like the ability to keep certain thoughts together, ordered to my preference, as a list. Perhaps a "list" could even be a thought-type.

Following on that, the ability to order thoughts and place them freely in relation to one another. I know this might be tricky with more complex inter-relationships, but some ability to freely place and anchor thoughts.

Tighter Firefox integration would be great to. Having some choices in the context/right-click menu.  On the same note, can you integrate some kind of clipping utility as well? I believe that the core product you have here could be the ultimate web research and bookmarking tool - with a few tweaks.

Thanks for your time, I just started using PB in the past couple of weeks, and m very excited. I think this will become my primary information- and idea-management system, though I know I will be missing some features of MM until the product evolves more.

p.s. would you like me to break these suggestions into separate posts in the forum?

Thanks for a really great product!!!
I've only experimented MM for  a few time, and I find it more
useful for presentations than for 'dynamic' brainstorming.
I find MM structure too rigid (check multiple parents and multiple
remote links) and difficult to mantain.
I would more appreciate an exportation from PB plex
into MM, obviously not to migrate from PB to MM (it would be
a step back !!) but to 'freeze' the plex at a given time before
to perform a nice presentation...

Anyway this would not be possible in a lot of cases due to MM
structures, so.. I wouldn't give my vote, but I hope Harlan will
made the right thing to 'import' many MM users into the PB world.

Best wishes to them !
Is this your house?
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Hi all I am just getting into mind mapping too and think I am going to enjoy using BOTH the brain AND a mind mapper. However my research suggests the new release of MINDMAPPER is way better than mind manager. Takes a little while to get your head around it (as does TB) but after a week or so I am loving it. So Harlan pls dont limit future integration possibilities only to mind manager!
FYI, I've used MM since v.3x. I've played with PB, as a registered user, since 1.x beta. I stopped using PB quite a while back but on re-visiting PB4 recently, I'm very impressed. Damn, now I'm "sucked back in" to figure out how to make both play nice together

I agree with others assessments MM and PB4 compliment each other.

While a real shame MM7 & PB4 don't play nice together (import/export/sync), at this time, for what it's worth to others, here's how I've "hacked" them together.

MM7 is ahead of PB4 on leveraging GUIDs. In other words, you can link PB4 thoughts to MM7 topics but not the other way (one way). Since 90% of my stuff is  in MM7, for now, I create a Thought in PB4 and use "Add Attachment" to "link to URL" with a pasted link to referenced MM7 topic. FYI, in MM7 you can highlight a topic and CTR-ALT-C to "copy as hyperlink". Now, in the same way you can link to a relevant word, xls, etc. file, you can  link to a specific topic/node of MM7. Let me know if more detail is needed.

So, as things stand now, I'll continue to use MM7 for brainstorming and organizing my thoughts and ideas. While in MM7, if appropriate to link to other resources/reference materials, so be it. When I'm ready to organize "stuff" in a more "wiki"/cross-indexed fashion, I'll bring PB4 into the equation.

Hope this is of help to some.
Wild!  When I started this thread 18 months ago, my entire life was structured in Mind Manager.  Now, my entire life is structured in The Brain, and I play with Mind Manager (and Results Manager) every now and, just to make sure I'm not "missing" anything. 

The thing is, after a couple months, I just couldn't deal with the linking limitations of MM now that I am used to The Brain.  Are you kidding me!  1 parent per thought?  How did that idea ever get started? Not being able to reorient the plex with a click?  Huh?

I shiver to think about it!  And now, with the import of 5.0, outline features, etc. - I have now completed my transfer into the Brain, and haven't opened my MM for any useful reason in a month.

Thank you Harlan, Shelley, Matt, and the Brain team.  You guys rock, the Brain Rocks!


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That pretty much sums up my experience also. 
I was using MindManager with multiple huge interlinked maps, joined to a central document.
About a month into using PersonalBrain I took the time to transfer all of the data (darn MM import coming in 5x ) and have been much happier ever since. All the information is much easier to search, and I can focus in to the topic at hand.

I think the only time I've opened MM in the past year is to test the new version. I do like the embedded browser feature, but there is absolutely nothing that would convince me to move back.

And also like you said, the commitment this company has shown to the product and the community here is second to none.

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