Hi Folks,

I am using PB Pro and I am using the new feature to quickly capture thought ico and I love it.   This is great.   It is really improving my memory and model of my personal contacts.  

However, I recently wanted to build a ppt slide for my department and use all the icons for the people that are in my brain, but I noticed that I could not find a command to copy the icon or find the source.   Is it possible to copy the icons?  Or where are the icons stored so I can copy them? 

If copy icon is not supported, then I would really appreciate this feature being added in the future.


There is no copy icon command, although it's a good suggestion.

You find the image in the thought folder. Either right-click the thought and choose Open Thought Folder, or click the folder with the arrow icon on the Properties & Attachments window.
The file will be titled TheBrianIcon.png.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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