I'm not sure if you're aware of Evernote and it's powerful webpage/text capture capabilities. One of the features I really like is besides capturing all the text/graphics/URL elements highlighted and allowing you to add tags on the fly; in the created web clip, it also stores at the bottom of the clip the originating URL. When wanting to capture interesting content yet have the ability to recall the source for further review or giving credit, it's invaluable.

At present, I have to capture this "stuff" in Evernote, then Copy All, create a new thought, past from clipboard into the Thought Notes area, reopen the orginating thought and copy/paste into the thought.

Needless to say, this is time consuming. If PB could replicate/automate this feature, it would be killer!! For a visual of what Evernote does, see below:

After Email

An interesting look at email in the age of Twitter and blogs.

The shift away from email by non-business users is apparent to anyone with teenage kids. Mine communicate with their peers via IM and texting; email is for fogeys like mom and dad.

I agree that email will remain the choice for enterprise use, but I wouldn't underestimate the infiltration of tools like Twitter as people become habituated to their use off the job and younger workers enter the job market. As competitors to email become part of daily life, IT departments will have to cope with them whether they want to or not.


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