NOTE: This was document in PB5.1, but it is still happening with PB 5501-b

I was copying thoughts from one brain into a new brain. The thoughts that were copied into the new brain have the notices flag indicator turn on.

There are no notes in any of those thoughts.

Once I bring a thought with a note indicator to the center thought and move away from it the note indicator is removed.


Pat, Thanks for posting. I have noted this for the developers.

Best regards,

See Harlan is discussing release candidate
Version (Release Candidate)

This has NOT be resolved in PB5516-b

Also when you copy multiple thoughts they don't appear on the selected thought.

I'll do a video in a few moments

Video 1 - Copy from One Brain to Another Brain

Video 2 - Copy within the same Brain, copy thoughts do not appear under the paste thought.

Thanks for posting the videos.

The behaviour illustrated in video 1 is not a bug. Only the last active thought in the set of those pasted is linked to the active thought on a paste unless all of the thoughts being pasted are orphans. In your illustration they are not orphans - they all share a common parent. If you were to take that same set of thoughts and paste it into a different brain, they would all be linked since they would be orphans in that brain.

If you want to link all pasted thoughts, use Edit > Add Pasted Thoughts to Selection then Link Selected as Children.

The reason why it works this way is because otherwise when you copy a series of thoughts, the structure would become lost as soon as they are pasted since all thoughts would be children of a single thought.

For video 2, please copy a single thought that displays the "note flag appearing" behaviour. Paste the copied XML into notepad and upload it here or send it to support. There must be something inside of the notes that is causing it to be reported as present.
For video 2 here is the requested copied XML in notepad.

Hey Harlan,

Ok I see what you are saying for video 1. They other way to keep the structure in place is to selected the thought (activated it) that you wish to have a copied as the main or child thought on the paste .

Here is video 3, I still think we have a problem when we paste thoughts within the same brain from one thought to another thought. Please see video.


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