I've been looking at Jerry Michalski's brain.  He has lots of content from web pages, like Wikipedia, where he brings in the whole page into the brain's notes section - the content looks as though it has been copied in as rich text.  When I copy and paste web content I only get plain text.  How do I achieve what Jerry has and get the entire page to copy over? 


If you add a Wikipedia link to a thought and you click on the thought when viewing your brain on the web, you automatically get the content of the Wikipedia article.
This feature is only available in the web brain and (I think) only for links to Wikipedia articles.
Yes, Wikipedia, YouTube and Vimeo prepopulate in the WebBrain content window when you just link to the URL.  

If you link to other web pages, you'll get a hyperlinked icon that visitors can click on.

Additionally, you can copy/paste or design your own notes content.  


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