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@mctrexler The links were from quoting your post of a month ago -- but looks like the first link didn't copy correctly:
It's not a research Brain, but I have started a small (still very small) "External Brain" for accessing good information on COVID-19.
Part of our effort. 

Can't imagine why it did that.  Both links in your original post worked.

I see the changes you've made.

Thanks for posting these and all you do for Climate Change awareness, and hopefully, some action before it's too late; if it isn't already so.



Mark: I posted the URL onto the Slack channel. I included your email address in the brief intro. 

You might consider joining as I see a lot of folks entering links to sites, articles, papers.

Would you please add this site.  It could come under Rebuilding or possibly a new mini-brain "Wellbeing - Coping today with COVID-19". Here's another site deploying SenseMaker® software to collect everyday stories.



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Good ideas!  Thanks!


Please correct how you name the virus. this IS NOT SO CALLED "Wuhan Pneumonia". COVID-19. This virus has its official name already. Please recognize the virus again. Thank you.
Official WHO link here, please read and understand fully. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING


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