I was an early user of PersonalBrain and used to store a lot of information my digital brain. I had back ups of my brains on CD-ROM (just burned the complete My Brain directory). But at one time I had to use this back up and was not able to open the brain file as I got the error message 'Corrupt thought file'.  All the content file (e.g. pdfs, docs) on the CD are ok.
As the access to the data was no longer available I had only one folder with some hundred MB of content. As I had experienced the same problems already before (which be solved by the support team at that time), I decided that I could not trust the system anymore and stopped using it.

That was two years ago... now I visited the website again and found there are more interesting features integrated. And I would like to start giving Personalbrain a second chance.

Does anybody know if there is a way to recover my 'corrupt thought file'?


Perhaps the support folks at TheBrain can scan the file and fix it. I've had some success in the past when I've let them scan it...
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.

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