In TheBrain 9 (tested in OS X) create two thoughts. In the notes, copy the name of the first thought into the notes of the second thought, and then from the dropdown Insert Link to Thought. You will now have a link in the notes you can click on.

Select both thoughts and copy them.

Open a different brain and paste the thoughts. Now activate thought two and click the notes link to go to Thought 1. 

This causes TheBrain to crash. It also raises a interesting dilemma. Should the notes link point to the original thought in first database, or the new database. 

I think the easiest implementation would be to point to the thought in the new database if it exists, and if not, remove the hyperlink. 
The most user friendly would be to prompt with a choice to link to the thought in the original database, or the new thought in the current database, or if that thought doesn't exist, offer to create it.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Interesting dilemma indeed.  I too think that it should point to the NEW version of the Thought.  

I've reproduced this issue and documented it for further review.


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