I would like to report a crash on 9.0.98

After selecting all thoughts by "Orphans" and than "Add all to Selection" the command "shift + right click" -> delete "x thoughts" freezes the brain for approx 2,5 sec (there were 21 thoughts to delete) and than 9.0.98 crashes.

After reloading the Brain, the Orphans are deleted, so everything is "doing its work".

One Question please. As this is not a big Thing I guess. Should I report bugs like this in the future?
Thank you

do not copy, do better
Thanks for posting.  First, please try updating to the latest release of 9.0.101 and try this process again.  I see in this version that the Delete All Thoughts feature is not actually working (documented) but I was unable to crash the Brain with this process.

Thank you,

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