My Brain has been crashing rather often with and "unexpected error" asking if I want to Restart or continue.  If I Continue, I can't really do anything so I choose restart.

When the Brain restarts I get another Reload settings or Clear Settings.  What difference does it really make?  I may not be observant enough to see a difference. Both choices restart the program.
Yeah, I've wondered about this. What are the consequences of each choice? 

It would be nice if there was explanation at the time of the warning/message.
Hi Diane,

The reload option only refers to visual settings. It will load any Brains you had open, and in the same view mode. Clearing these settings will just open up to your Brains list. That's it.

If a crash happens after reloading the settings, try to clear them. It's unlikely to solve the issue, but doesn't hurt to try.

Most importantly, please send an email to with your output log when this happens. To find the log, click Help > Open Log Directory, and grab the file named "Output.log".

Cheers, Sean

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