I would like to be able to crawl to infinite depth to make sure that when I copy and paste that tree, I get the whole thing instead of being limited to 20 thoughts down. I expect to get more than 20 on at least one of my brains in a couple months, but even if I don't, it would be nice to have a check box that makes sure I get the whole thing without me thinking about how many there are and going back to check tree-by-tree.

The reason I would like this is because my growing webbrain projects are separate brains that I want to have as subdivisions of my main universal brain. The webbrain projects are separate, because I want a clean segregation from the non-published content and private thoughts in the universal brain. So I want to easily copy an entire brain's or tree's thoughts, even one with 21+ thoughts deep, and paste them onto the universal brain that contains all my stuff.

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