There seems to be some sort of inconsistency in how icons are pulled and rendered from application dependencies. If pulling in a curated list of "supported apps" to allow for easy generation of "new files" from within thoughts, it stands to reason that these programs are in fact a) properly identified on the host machine and b) relevant to the "new file" creation process.

I don't know exactly where these apps are switched on or off within TheBrain's configuration, but it would sure be nice to tweak the list to include only the programs that you care about and by logical extension of supporting these properly, correctly pull in their constituent icons.

In my screenshot below, the icon for MS Excel works brilliantly, the icon for MS Word seems to default to some Windows system default, and I see no way of removing WinHTTrack Project from the list as I'll NEVER use that program in this way within my workflow.


Thoughts on this? I suspect this is a bug and a feature request all in one?

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