Hi there,
is there an easy way to create a new brain out of parts of an old one? 

I want to publish parts of a complex brain as a SiteBrain HTML, which is not possible as far as I know. So creating a new one seems to be the only possibility. 

I skimmed through the forum and the guide but I didn't find a solution.


Three basic approaches, I think:
  1. Mark as Private all thoughts you don't want exported in the SiteBrain. Depending on the size and complexity of your host brain, this can be an easy task if you first select the thoughts you want to make private and then, in the Selection Box, Right+Click > Privacy > Make Private.
  2. Create and open a new, empty brain. Because you can have more than one brain open at once, it is straightforward to copy and paste thoughts from one to the other.
  3. Create a differently-named copy of the original brain, and delete all thoughts you don't want  exported from the copy.
-- Sam

The mark-as-private-solution works out well, thanks.

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