Sorry if this has been suggested before. I did a quick search and didn't see anything.

Any consideration of being able to create thoughts via email (at least for Web Brain users)? There are many instances where it would be helpful to just forward an email and have it appear in PB as a new thought. I'm thinking there could be a special Thought where these all get added as children, and could then be moved to the appropriate location in the brain.
  • Subject becomes Thought name
  • Could also add tags via the subject line (e.g., #tag1 or tags: tag1)
  • Text, images get placed into Notes
  • Any attachments in the e-mail are automatically added to the Thought
I use this type of feature frequently with Evernote and Flickr, and would love to see an implementation in PB.
Is this possible in the current version? This request was made nearly 5 years ago. It was good then; it's good now.

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