I tend to have a 'today' thought open and I create notes in the note window in an outline type format throughtout the day. At the end of the day I would like to be able to turn these notes into thoughts for correct filing under the appropriate parents.

However  the current 'paste outline' doesn't work, even with 'copy/paste in plain text enabled' because the editor replaces tabs with spaces so the hierarachy is lost.

Maybe not easy to do given the editor is third party, but it would  be good if bulleted lists in a note could be easily transformed into thoughts whilst maintaining the hierarchy.


This may not work for you, but in similar situations, I put a ";" at the end of each item, delete all spaces, new lines, etc. between the items, then cut/paste the combined items as a group into a create child dialog box.

Nigel's suggestion is excellent and I would vote for any push for the developers to incorporate this. We need a simple way to convert a Notes outline into child thoughts.

For what it's worth, my plain text editor EditPad (Pro) offers among its options "convert tabs to spaces" and "convert spaces to tabs". Other text editors probably do the same. Maybe you could incorporate this idea into your workflow, possibly as a text file attachment, and at the end of each session develop your outline from that.

At the risk of mentioning another application, TreePad allows one to insert separators within its notes along with a command to split the note into several notes, each under its own node. Conversely one can also merge notes with their nodes. This would be a good model for PB's developers to emulate.

Alan Rhodes

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