I'd like to build a knowledge eco system in the Brain using existing data. My attempts thus far have fallen short. My data consists of 600+ sites to which are linked people of various types. (Advocate, Installer etc), plus a number of community associations.

Ideally, I'd like a way to connect the Brain to SQL databases (MYSQL and MSSQL) so the data could automatically be updated when changed. However, I've not discovered a way to do this.

Secondly, I thought I try building a ready made Brain using an XML import. I was able to create an XML import file for all 600 locations, however, I've not been able to work out how to create the links and these doesn't exist until the Brain has been imported. This approach if it worked would at the very least create a starting point that could then be managed (as changes tend to be slow) from then on.

Building the Brain from scratch would take weeks, so I'm wondering is there a way I could link the Brain to the structured data in SQL databases that already contain a complex set of relationships?

Has anyone done this before? Is there a way of getting the import to work with links defined? Is there a feature I've not yet stumbled upon?

I'm definitely interested in something like this as well.  I run a vbscript to create a brain xml from Active Directory and create all the thoughts and links.  The problem is I have to create a new brain to import all this data.  I need to determine a way to remove links that don't exist in the XML that did exist say yesterday.  Deleting all the thoughts and links and re-importing appeared to be the only solution and never finishes in a reasonable time.

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