1) It seems that links to virtual thoughts have been further crippled by disallowing jump links to virtual thoughts.  I would have thought this was a bug had I not found it mentioned in the Release Notes document.

     NO!  I don't like this.  I hope other people notice this and object as well.

     I have been waiting for bidirectional links to virtual thoughts and other enhancements, that is, better integration, not better crippling.  The jump gates are still rendered and users can drag from the gate but then the link collapses.

      My main use case is for the folders that contain files represented by a thought.  Those files are not "children" of that thought, they are "parallel" to it (i.e. a jump thought).

2) Regarding thought icons for virtual thoughts:

    I tried out the "Thought Icon Capture" for a virtual thought.  There's apparently no way to delete the icon.  There's also no transparency support in the captured "icon", so it tends to look horrible at best.

    Here are some better ways to handle this:
         a) Under Windows, support the folder customization provided in Windows (I know, there's more than one version of this...)
         b) support "TheBrainIcon.png", presumably in the "PersonalBrain Notes" folder
         c) support some kind of editing (including saving to disc for user editing) and/or transparency for the captured "icons".  Otherwise, the red cross hairs are little more than a toy.

Virtual thoughts aren't my #1 priority in PersonalBrain, but I certainly don't want them to be further crippled.

I'm disappointed that there has been no response to this posting (surely I'm not the only person that uses virtual thoughts?).

(I'm wondering if the PB support team will only hear about users whose jump links have been destroyed in 5.5 after the product rolls out in general release.)

I'd appreciate hearing from PersonalBrain on two items:
   1) When I update my brain to 5.5, will my existing jump links be deleted?  Are there any possible problems to watch out for? 

   2) Is there any chance that an equivalent functionality will re-appear in version 6, or is the PB team simply "pulling back" support of virtual links? 

The attached sample is intended to show that as with "regular" thoughts, many uses for virtual thoughts are more correctly shown with horizontal links, not child links.

Clearly, I had been hoping for expanded support for virtual thoughts, especially in supporting bi-directional links instead of uni-directional links.  Of course, this presumes that a user has already navigated to a particular virtual thought in order to see the virtual thought in the first place, so please don't tell me how impossible this would have been

Thanks much.

Click image for larger version - Name: Azure_Marine_virtual_-_actual_thoughts.PNG, Views: 136, Size: 121.95 KB
I no longer use virtual thoughts (they don't play nice with Mac package files), but I seem to remember when virtual thoughts were allowed as jump thoughts, they started adding the file directory structure of the folder you were virtualizing as the parent/child thoughts. When I tried this it sometimes ground PB to a halt. 

I'm only adding this as it may be a reason why they are only allowed now as child thoughts. Perhaps they could add the functionality back, limiting it to just the folder linked?

Hopefully I'm remembering the behavior correctly, as I said, it's been a while since my VT usage.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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