Here is a minor issue when connecting a thought to multiple thoughts but would be very simple to fix.
When I start typing in the new thought window and select a thought, the cursor position is at the beginning of the text instead of the end. I then go to the end type a semicolon and type the next thought and when making the selection, I am once again put back at the beginning of the text.
I have the opposite problem that Sean had.   When editing a Thought name and place the cursor anywhere within the text it will always jump to the end of the line.  First it takes 2 clicks.  The first click does not do any thing.  The second click places the pointer right where I want it within the word but it instantly jumps to the end of the line, which necessitates a third click to place it where I want to edit.   It's very obnoxious, specially since I am trying to build my Brain. 😕
I'm seeing neither effect in the New Thought Box. Cursor seems to stay right where I put it.  I believe Sean's issue has been repaired. Shiiko - could you send a short video into are you on the latest 10.0.48?

Thank you,

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