I've gone through past posts on custom icons. I think Harlan posted one to Metta in September last year.

Here's what I just found:
  1. I created a Favorites folder in the icon directory
  2. I added a jpg file.
If my newly created Favorites folder is either empty or has a jpg in it, the Favorites folder will not appear in the Select Stock Icon->Browse list.

I must have a png icon (or I assume an svg icon?).

Once I added a single png icon to my Favorites folder, the folder appeared in the Browse list, and the icon image appeared when I clicked on the Favorites folder.
We suggest using 48 x48 pixel PNG files.

The size of the icons placed in the folder will be the size that appears in the plex. SVGs are supported but not all features of SVG will be rendered correctly. Simple SVGs like those used in the built in icons work well. 

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