To implement a custom ad hoc thought sorting:
1.  add a SortOrder variable to the Link class 
2. add Method to sort in plex based upon SortOrder
3.  add Methods to update SortOrder
3.1 upon UI move thought
3.2 upon rightClick select [moveUp,moveDown]
3.2 upon delete thought
3.3 upon add thought [above,below]
3.4 upon other selectable sorting parameters: [custom, modifiedDate, createDate, theme, tag , regularExpression]

It appears that the link between two thoughts already has associated variables [lineThickness] so adding an addition sortOrder variable should not be complicated.  Each link appears to be a one to one relationship between parent and child.  So changing from a Type hierarchy view to a Tag view does not inherent the link properties so each link can have its own SortOrder value.  Therefore changes in sorting in Tag view will not effect the sort order of the Type view or the primary hierarchy view.  

Maybe I'm oversimplifying this but the coding data structure modifications don't look to be a major problem.  This would make a huge improvement in theBrain.  The structure of theBrain is awesome but a core feture of my squishy Brain is prioritization and sorting of information.  You have all the information and interconnections captured within the software, which is awesome.  And the ability to group information based upon different objectives, perspectives and intents is awesome.   

But within each list of children its a scattered mess.  SortOrder would give me some piece of Mind. 🙂
Brian Wells

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